Okay, enough with the “film industry is dying: film industry is dead” cliches from our predecessors. On which premise did they build the film industry? Was it not based on the selfishness of monopolizing the territories of the film industry?


Can any of the predecessors come out boldly to assert they built the film industry having posterity in mind?


Has the industry been a very welcoming one?

How do actors contribute to this canker?

If the industry is dead who killed it?

If it’s dying, who poisoned it?


Case in point – you have to nurse actors to be on time to finish a job you had paid them to do couple with the trouble of chasing editors, engineers and sometimes even the director to finish a movie.


And after the stress, the actors refuse to promote the movie they are a part of on their social media platforms. I was informed, I am better off paying them extra to push it on social media.


Do we have that amount of resources as film producers to meet all that demands from the actors? It’s just difficult to understand.




Fast-forward, another headache to deal with is fixing the date for the premiere. Oh if there were a powerhouse that deals with premieres only. I hope someone catches this revelation.


What’s with this, this person doesn’t “belong” nonsense? Can’t we all win together in making a great film industry? Are we the only nation that took the selfish pill and refused to look for an antidote?

This thing called talent is a blessing and we will need to come together as one to protect it for the sake of posterity. What is it about us that make us not to seek improvement? Do we always have to be bystanders and wonder how they made it?


Listen, if we are going to make this work, we will need to do it as a unit not as fragments of a unit. Actors, producers, marketers, need to come together and make a conscious effort to be selfless and help push the film industry.


If it’s an individual’s movie, let all hands come on board to help. it won’t make you shorter or any taller. It won’t make you any less ugly. A wise friend once told me, karma is a bitch isn’t just about being paid back for the evil you do. Karma is energy and whatever you put out there, it comes back to you – sooner or later.




When we come together then the public can also have something of value to support. A house that is divided among its own shall just not stand. That house will have thieves coming in and out. We can’t give our goodies to the foreigners. Slang doesn’t mean he or she is stronger or more intelligent. If someone does something nice, no matter how small, cheer the person on till the next person joins in.


The government can pump in as much thousands as promised but if the root cause is not dealt with, I can tell you this, that investment support will yield no good results. Because obviously it will be given to selfish hungry people who think about themselves first, then their friends and family.


I would rather suggest any monies conceived in the belly of thoughts be invested in building an ultra-modern cinema with formidable facilities which can compete with the so called cinemas that will put a high ranked foreign movie in the same week of premiere of a local movie.


To add salt to injury to producers, the cinemas promote foreign movies more than the local movies when in fact it’s not free to premiere in those countries. Worse part is when they can’t find their tickets after the premieres to pay the producers. Shame on all these God forsaken monopolizing demons who comes in human form.


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Zylofon Media would probably still be standing strong as an entity if only Nana Appiah Mensah had surrounded himself with the right people not hungry ones. I’m very positive the whole industry would have come together to save it when the unfortunate happened but of course we are Ghanaians.


Let’s not be hypocrites by hyping and talking about foreign movies and the nasty part is when we compare them to our own. If I were you especially our viewers I would give a standing ovation to any Ghanaian producer. It’s a real job with real hustle and it takes the strong and anointed to go into it, once and dare to do another.


Our industry is not dead. It won’t die. If only we will come together and do our bits in every small way we can. God bless Ghana. God elevate Ghana Movie Industry.


Written by:

Maame Adjoa

Host of AFTER SPORTS on Kwese TV

Actor and Movie Producer

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