Charterhouse Must Be Punished For Negligence And Security Lapses At VGMA 2019 – FOCAP

Charterhouse Must Be Punished For Negligence And Security Lapses At VGMA 2019 - FOCAP

Foundation of Creative Arts Professionals – FOCAP has called for the Punishment and Sanctioning of Charterhouse for the Security lapses at last years’ VGMA and their refusal to inform stakeholders of the outcome of investigations if any and what measures they have put in place to avoid any such reoccurrences in future.

VGMA was marred last year with violence and the pulling out of a gun in the auditorium putting the lives of everyone including Ministers, Ambassadors, and the majority of our superstars at risk.

Entry and exit point of the newly constructed dome was just one and even if they were more it was unknown to patrons so a stampede would have killed a lot of dignitaries just because of the NEGLIGENCE of the organizers – CharterHouse.

The big question was and still is;


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According to Charterhouse, they had metal detectors installed so the question is HOW were they able to put people’s life at such a high risk?

It was by luck that we survived that incident as a lot of people didn’t even see the gun else that alone could have triggered something else.

The sitting arrangement in the auditorium was so poor that a group of people were able to walk straight from the popular stands through the VIP, VVIP and onto the Stage without any hindrance.

In all this, Charterhouse has accepted that YES all these Security lapses were as a result of their negligence so the question is WHY WERE THEY NOT PUNISHED FOR SUCH NEGLIGENCE WHICH COULD HAVE CAUSED MAYHEM.

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The amazing thing is, Charterhouse still had the nerve and the effrontery to punish those who were able to misbehave because of their negligence.

Who then punishes the irresponsibility of CharterHouse?

Or is it because all those who are supposed to play the supervisory role are now partakers at their dinner table so they are now above reproach?

We can’t build an industry with almost everyone in a compromised position.

We remember the Minister even requesting for an investigation which for almost a year now have not materialized yet they went ahead to punish the Artists. CharterHouse has again opened nominations for the 2020 awards just because they feel Ghanaian Musicians are hungry for Awards.

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As we said earlier, FOCAP actually doesn’t know the results of any investigations but all we know is that Charterhouse has admitted that the Security lapse was caused by them.

The crux of the matter is that whatever is good for the goose is good for the gander and him who invites the piper dances to the tune. In the same way, Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy were punished, Charterhouse must also be punished.

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