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Demons Molested and Destroyed My Phone – Chioma Ifemeludike Reveals



Demons Molested and Destroyed My Phone – Chioma Ifemeludike Reveals

Nigerian actress Chioma Ifemeludike has narrated her ordeal after viewing explicit content on social media.

In an Instagram post, the actress disclosed she was molested by a demon that had her phone destroyed after visiting a social media page of a lady she described as wild.

Narrating her ordeal, Ifemeludike said she stumbled on a birthday post of a celebrant which led her to another page of a wild lady where she encountered some explicit content.

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“I stayed glued scrolling through this girl’s page (and she truly is a wild one); from a lesbian kissing videos to naked pictures everywhere.

“I stayed on that page for about 30 minutes scrolling and she had this natural charm that will keep you searching,” she wrote.

At midnight after going to bed, she had her ordeal with a demon that molested her and got her phone destroyed.

Demons Molested and Destroyed My Phone – Chioma Ifemeludike Reveals

“By midnight, these demons molested me, oh my God! They destroyed my second phone because I usually play worship songs while I sleep.

“I woke up angry in my spirit. I was careless and allowed evil ideas to penetrate my mind,” she stated.

Chioma Ifemeludike used the opportunity to advised born-again Christians to be mindful of filthy content on social media and possibly un-follow for their spiritual protection even if it is from her.

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She further stated that Satan is on the loose and have hijacked social media, massively recruiting his end-time agents and warned users to be careful about contents they feed their mind with

“Remember bad company corrupts good character! Preserve your salvation at all costs! Shalom,” Chioma Ifemeludike reiterated.

She again warned against some so-called influencers and content creators who have thrown caution to the wind for traffic thereby polluting the internet space with so much nudity, gay content and immorality.


By: Asiwome Tei-Mati | | Ghana

Asiwome Writes is an all-inclusive source for Christian entertainment News, Interviews, and Reviews from Ghana and across the world.

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