I Suspect GHAMRO Over Death Threats On My Life – Akosua Agyapong

I Suspect GHAMRO Over Death Threats On My Life – Akosua Agyapong

Highlife musician, Akosua Agyapong and her family have come under serious death threats over a suspected copyright issue.

According to the veteran musician, she strongly believed her issues with the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) might have triggered the death threats.

“My issue with GHAMRO is bordered on money. Our right due us isn’t going on well. We don’t know what is going on. A couple of patrons with me are fighting GHAMRO for our rights because we don’t understand our monetary issues. The Attorney General gave us Auditors to audit GHAMRO and it hasn’t been easy. To be honest, GHAMRO is my first suspect over this death threats,” she said.


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Narrating the incident on Adom FM on Wednesday, the musician disclosed receiving a call from her house-help around 2:30 PM on Tuesday of an inscription on her house wall in Kasoa which read;

“I will kill Akosua Agyapong; she will die this evening”.

She revealed her Personal Assistant also had received a threatening phone call from an unknown person to silence them.

Akosua Agyapong further hinted discovering the bolts and nuts on her car have been tampered with which she has reported to the Kasoa Tuba Police Station.

Responding to whether she has any issues with anyone to merit such death threats, Akosua disclosed apart from GHAMRO over copyrights issues and a land litigation matter, she does not have any issue with anyone.

“I have serious issues with GHAMRO. I also have an issue with a certain man over a land. Apart from these 2, I don’t have any issue with anyone here in Ghana,” Akosua Agyapong added.


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