I Was Paid 20 Cedis after Driving to Cape Coast to Sing – Minister MOG

I Was Given 20 Cedis after Driving to Cape Coast to Sing – Minister MOG

Contemporary urban gospel musician MOG, born Nana Yaw Boakye revealed receiving 20 cedis after ministering in Cape Coast.

Narrating his shocking experience on ‘This Is Gospel’ show with Frank Kwabena Owusu, MOG recalled honoring an invitation to minister in Cape Coast from Accra, said that he was blessed with 20 cedis, 2 meat pies, and medium-sized bottled water.

‘I often time don’t charge until someone pulled a nice surprise on me. I drove from Accra to Cape Coast for ministration and the person blessed me with GHC 20. They gave me medium-sized bottled water, 2 meat pies and GHC 20 in an envelope,” MOG recalled.

He further added that there some places when invited to; you don’t have to charge because they understand the music business.

“When Archbishop calls you, you don’t have to mention money. Just go and do the job. When someone like Pastor Otabil calls you, you don’t have to worry, just go and do the job. When Apostle General Sam Korankyi Ankrah calls you, you don’t have to even think about it. Just come and do the job and you’ll go home a happy man or woman but there are some other places when you are going, you’ll have to find out their budget and if it’s not good for you, you nicely decline,” he added.

Nana Yaw Boakye believes that the financial difficulty in Ghana requires that you build a strong foundation to be able to fully commit to only music. Music is now becoming a viable business and career. If you don’t find anyone to support you, you will have to self-finance yourself.

“…with where I have gotten to with my music, I will say 70% of the financing is from my personal pocket and 30% is from people who came on board to sow a seed or you go for an event to minister and people bless you and all that,” he said.

“But before that, you need to put in something and that is where I have decided that, let me start applying what I have learned in school and hand in hand push both to see what happens. I didn’t go like I am trying the music and if it doesn’t work; I will rely on my job. I went in full with the music but I needed something to fuel the music. That is how I have been keeping it till now,” he added.

Nana Yaw Boakye in narrating his Damascus Experience encountered God in Adisadel College in Cape Coast during a ministration and since then he had never turned back. He also revealed he would have been more serious with God if had known where God was taking him but not bordered now, how God is going to do it despite it came with a lot of backlashes.

“I was the top dancer in school with the gift of singing. I was all over and people were ticking me for the next entertainment prefect and these people came with the message of Christ and the atmosphere and the presence they brought, I had never experienced that. All of a sudden, I just decided I need to take this Jesus seriously because the kind of experience and feeling I had, without anybody touching me, I was on my knees crying and worshipping with regular songs we sang every Sunday in church. There was this worship leader who sang it and it came with an unusual presence. So I decided that I am giving my life to Jesus Christ from that moment,” Nana Yaw Boakye narrated.

He, however, expressed his gratitude to God and for that still small voice that encouraged him to cleave to God when he had to leave a very promising career in the entertainment industry in Ghana.

The ‘Be Lifted’ musician started his music career as a one-time drummer when the regular drummer was absent which got him all the encouragement from people to pursue music. He proceeded to join the junior choir in the Methodist church and during one of their ministrations, met Minister Nii Okine who gave him all the hands-on training and coaching in the Harbors Team Mass Choir. He also revealed, Nii Okine later released him to Cwesi Oteng who also introduced him to another dimension of worship he had never known in the composition of contemporary urban music. His debut album was birthed with the help these two people, Nii Okine and Cwesi Oteng.

MoG is the first of five kids, born and bred in Tema Community 9. He is a first-degree holder in Information Technology into system analyst besides being a full-time minister of the gospel of Christ at the RoyalHouse Chapel.

Nana Yaw Boakye who is currently out with the song ‘Fakye’ is married to one wife, Emelda with 2 beautiful young boys.


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