Inconsistencies in Obrafour’s ‘Lyrics of a Legend’ Documentary – Hammer


Hammer of the Last Two has called for the suspension of Obrafour’s ‘Lyrics of a Legend’ documentary premiering because of historic inconsistencies.

The documentary which also marks Obrafour’s twenty (20) years of “Pae Mu Ka” album release was scheduled to be premiered on September 27, 2019, at the Silverbird Cinema.

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Hammer in an interview told Kwame Dadzie of Citi Fm that he has sighted some inconsistencies in the accounts given by some people featured in the yet to be premiered documentary which if not corrected will be distortions to the Obrafour story.


“Even the documentary producers have sighted inconsistencies in people’s stories yet they are going ahead anyway. The writer of the book is also reporting inconsistencies in people’s accounts yet they are allowing it to go ahead because of a premiere they booked,” he said.

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“I won’t have that because the situation is that this thing is for posterity. It has to be said right, it has to be told right. You can’t take back what comes out. When something is released it is released forever and I won’t sit down and allow some of these things,” he added.

He further disclosed that Obrafour had given his consent to put a hold on the documentary premiere until such corrections are effected.


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