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Many Industry Players Endorse Sub-Standard Productions – Elorm Beenie



Many Industry Players Endorse Sub-Standard Productions – Elorm Beenie

Many Industry Players Endorse Sub-Standard Productions – Elorm Beenie

In a bid to finding working and lasting solutions to many problems in the music industry in Ghana, Elorm Beenie asserted that many industry players are contributing factor to Ghana Music and its related marketing difficulties

Responding to a Facebook post by an Artist and Talent Manager, Farouk Kaabuame, as to what we are not doing right when it comes to Ghana Music Marketing on Tuesday, January 29, 2019, Elorm Beenie commented,

“Sub-Standard and stupid productions! Fast food music and stupid lyrics that don’t make sense are what many industry players defend and endorse because they don’t want to be REAL else they will lose their jobs or paymasters”

Elorm Beenie, who is the Editor at Beenie Words enumerated eight (8) other reasons for the failure in marketing Ghanaian music. These reasons are;

  1. Little or NO SERIOUS government support

  2. Laziness of artists

  3. Greed and ungrateful attitude of artists/Managers (and that has made promotions very expensive in Ghana now… I’m sure you know that very well)

  4. Pomposity and people refusing to learn

The PR Consultant at Africa 1 Media and CEO of Events 21 further added that,

  1. Putting square pegs in round holes (people who don’t know jack about how certain aspects of the industry runs realistically are just chopping titles and hype) #Posers

  2. Musicians and Managers hardly or don’t invest back into the craft. They want all for themselves. No upgrades whatsoever. They are only interested in booking returns

  3. Poor royalty system, the worst I should say!

  4. Musicians and Management don’t pay WELL the people on their team to go the extra mile for them. They don’t see the need to pay for inputs from other team members

Ansah-Addo Halifax, Editor-In-Chief at the Publisher Newspaper who also contributed to the discussion mentioned Wisdom Deficit as a problem bedeviling the industry

Elorm Beenie is one of the leading Publicists in Ghana and does PR for musicians like Rocky Dawuni, Samini, Edem, Black Prophet, Stonebwoy among others. He also doubles as a journalist for his own showbiz site

By: Asiwome Tei-Mati | | Ghana

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