Efia Odo, on Sunday evening took a tour de force of her life on This Is Gospel – TIG on Hitz Fm with Frank Kwabena Owusu. During the interview, she played ignorant of her once bosom friend Fela Makafui

The Ghanaian actress Efia Odo, born Andrea Owusu, on the Damascus Experience show, also responded to what the public perceived of her. People say she is full of love yet do not love her colleagues and not so in tune with Fela Makafui

“Who is that, who? I don’t know who that is. I have never heard of her. Is that like a bird or something? ” she quizzed

“I know I spoke some truth about somebody and the media took it as an uproar and created  their own stories with it but i don’t know any Fela Kuti or something,” she added

Efia Odo however used the opportunity to express her disdain for “fakeness”. She detest people who talk about her behind her back but smile to her in the face. Beyond that, she is a loving personality who doesn’t hold grudges with people

According to sources close to Efia Odo and Fela Makafui were once very good friends. Their friendship came to a stale when the “Heals And Sneakers” actress, Efia Odo alleged her friend Fela Makafui gossiped about her. She took to her snapchat to accuse her (Fela Makafui) of sleeping with politicians for cash. In a rebuttal, Fela Makafui also said Efia looks old but has brains of a child and must be ignore

Efia Odo further explained the boldness to apologize to Fela on social media publicly was because of Christ in her but explained,

“I wasn’t apologizing for what I said but i was apologizing for humiliating her (Fela Makafui) in public. I said what I said but wasn’t right to say it in public”

Efia revealed she has been dating her new found love called Rev for 6 months.


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