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Kenya Mulls Construction of Museum on Human Evolution



Kenya Mulls Construction of Museum on Human Evolution

NAIROBI: Kenya to construct a state-of-the-art museum on human evolution called Ngaren in the scenic Rift Valley region to help showcase its archaeological treasures and boost post-COVID-19 pandemic recovery of the tourism sector.

The Sustainable Inclusive Business (SIB) that is affiliated with Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) said in a statement issued in Nairobi that it had partnered with a renowned palaeontologist Richard Leakey to set up the museum of human evolution called Ngaren.

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“Ngaren will allow visitors to explore human origin and evolution from a scientific perspective, in the context of the natural processes and serendipitous events that led to the survival of Homo sapiens as the only human species alive today,” SIB added.

According to SIB, the museum on human origin whose construction is expected to begin in 2022 and end in 2026, will be pivotal in the growth of archaeological tourism in Kenya.

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“The project aims to contribute to the development of Kenya by creating, teaching and promoting education, science, sustainability and equity, and attract visitors from near and far and bolstering economic development in the region,” said SIB.

Source: Xinhua

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