KIA Picanto Statement was a Joke – Sokoo Hemaa


Rainbow Radio mid-morning show host, Sokoo Hemaa Kukua has been in the news for a statement she jokingly made telling Ghanaian men who drive KIA Picanto not to approach her.

“Ghanaian men take note of this, we have upgraded from picantos to jaguars. Do not approach me if you own a kia picanto else…” – Sokoo Hemaa Kukua said.

The above statement which the radio diva made as an MC at Ohemaa Mercy’s 42nd Birthday party did not go down well the public and some social media fanatics who descended on her with some very unpleasant words.

Surprisingly, a certain media house described her as living up to her name “SOKOO”.

“Sokoohemaa of Rainbow radio has indeed lived up to her name, “ɛmmaa pɛ sokoo” (women love luxury)”

The radio presenter, Sokoo Hemaa on Monday morning, September 16, 2019, confirmed, she made that statement but not in a serious context as some media houses and the public may have it.

She further stated that;

“I made that statement jokingly as an MC at Ohemaa Mercy’s 42nd birthday party when her husband gifted her a car as a birthday present which some people took out of context. They got me wrong,” she explained.


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