NAFAC 2019 Scheduled for November 8 in Koforidua

NAFAC 2019 in Koforidua

KOFORIDUA: National Festival of Arts and Culture – NAFAC 2019, the second in the Eastern Region after the 1982 edition of the festival is scheduled for November 8.


Since 1967, the National Festival of Arts and Culture has been the appellation of Ghanaians with a priceless heritage to protect the arts and culture heralded its successive celebrations.


The event which was officially launched on Wednesday, August 28, 2019, will be organized under the theme; “Empowering the Youth through Culture, Tourism and Creative Arts for Employment and Wealth Creation” will be held from Friday, November 8 to Friday, November 15, 2019 under the auspices of the Eastern Regional Coordinating Council.


NAFAC which is organized biennially is to consolidate all the gains made culturally using a permissible platform for all the ethnic cultures in Ghana to come together to promote the rich unity in cultural diversity as an asset for national development.


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The Deputy Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Honorable Dr. Ziblim Iddi (MP) in his address stated that a nation without a culture is like a zebra without stripes or a tree without roots, therefore, the indispensability of culture as a people cannot be overemphasized.


“Culture constitutes the very core of our existence as Ghanaians. To a greater extent, it is our culture that determines the necessities of our lives – that is food, clothing, and shelter which also constitutes the basis of our separate existence as a people,” he stated.


The Deputy Minister further reiterates the fact that the youth constitute a vital part of Ghana’s population and the fabric of the Ghanaian existence can realize perfection through a conscious effort of inculcating in them the positive aspects of the Ghanaian culture.


Dr. Ziblim, however, cautioned that failure to constructively nurture the youth and imbibe in the youth the positive aspects of culture means a total annihilation of the Ghanaian existence.


“The youth have been swayed off for too long by unnecessary and unassuming fantasies from the west and the east and the effects are detrimental. NAFAC 2019 is, therefore, an attempt to dialogue extensively on these drawbacks and fathom ways and means of putting the youth back on track for employment generation and wealth creation particularly through culture, tourism and creative arts occupation,” he added.


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Chairman of the NAFAC 2019 Media launch, Krontihene Baffour Nyantakyi Tutu Boateng on behalf of the Omanhene of the New Juaben Traditional Area in his acceptance speech stated that Ghana and its tourism, culture and creative arts are inseparable.


He also identified the huge monitory values in the promotion of tourism, culture and creative arts sector of the economy and therefore called for a more business-oriented industry transformation


“The sector, therefore, needs a transformation to be more business-oriented industry through enhanced and accelerated product design and development, market development and penetration. Let us do all we can to galvanize the private sector to better invest in this industry for the enhanced economic growth of the country,” the Krontihene of the New Juaben Traditional Area, Baffour Nyantakyi Tutu Boateng said.


NAFAC 2019 would be tailored to bring the theme to bear positively on the target beneficiaries so that eventually Ghanaians can boast of a culturally alert youthful segment of our population.


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Some of the programs and activities envisaged under NAFAC 2019 are lectures, open forums, exhibitions, and performances. These among many others include displays of traditional architecture, fabric and clothing, wood products, smithing, cuisines, food, beverages, performing arts: drama, music, dance, literary arts, visual arts, paintings, sculpture, metals and jewelry, textiles, physical culture; sports/games, traditional beauty pageants and an awards night to climax the festival.


The program and activities are expected to arouse the required sensitivities of all the participants and attendants. The ministry, therefore, counts on the collective support of all and sundry to deliver as expected especially from the media to give NAFAC 2019 the needed publicity and mileage to make it a grand success.


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