Pope Skinny, the leader of Asuoden Movement, suffering a lingering impasse from Shatta Wale surprising performed on stage wearing the Reign Shirt

Pope Skinny initially appeared on stage at the Suhum Odwira Bash wearing an Asuoden labelled hoodie. He later during his performance took off the hoodie unveiling the Reign Shirt underneath with the inscription “Pope Skinny REIGNS”, having the Shatta Wale Reign symbol.

The gesture however got the crowd chanting Wale, Wale, Wale!

Pope Skinny used the opportunity to explain his reason for donning the Reign Shirt as gathered by www.atmogh.com.

He reiterated his unflinching support for the SM boss, Shatta Wale and accusing others of being behind their disagreement.

“Dem want to bring problem between me and Shatta Wale but dem lie bad,” he stated

Pope Skinny used to be Shatta Wale’s right hand man from his Kasahare Levels days at Adom Fm. Their close relationship spanned from Shatta’s Bandana days until their recent feud.

According to Pope Skinny, when Sarkodie released his “My Advice” freestyle, he listened to just some few lines and thought it was a masterpiece. This was what got him tweeting,

“King Sark, this is real rap,” he explained

This tweet didn’t sit down well with Shatta Wale and most of his supporters who thought Pope Skinny was a snitch and a sellout

Asiwome Tei-Mati | atmogh.com

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