Sarkodie Must Be Studied As Part of the JHS Curriculum – Hammer

The veteran music producer of the Last Two, Hammer, says the eleven years accomplishment of the rapper, Sarkodie must be studied as part of the Junior High School (JHS) curriculum.


Hammer, believes his proposal is not far-fetched because Sarkodie since his entry into the Ghanaian music space has defied all odds to stay relevant and at the number one spot till now with his character, his performance and as a businessman.


“Sarkodie has been able to accomplish what no Ghanaian artist has accomplished. He has been number one consistently from day one up till now. He has never compromised on his brand; he never followed the hype. He never did what was in the books and still survived.


“People said you needed to have a label, you needed an executive producer to become this and Sarkodie defied all those rules and still managed to carve a niche for himself. What he (Sarkodie) has done is; he has disrupted the industry and has become a special case,” he said.


Speaking on Tuesday, August 13 on Hitz Fm, Hammer explained that his suggestion is based on Sarkodie’s business acumen and his sense for arts, innovation, and longevity. These he said has qualified him to be part of the JHS curriculum when it comes to art subjects in schools,




Hammer of the Last Two also confessed that;


“We thought the art was for school dropouts. We thought the art was an alternative to school; if you can’t study well in school, then you go and do the arts.


“Sarkodie has made it clear that it is business and it’s a career that you can follow properly and not as an alternative”.


The retired music producer, Hammer again acknowledged the hard work of some young musicians needs to be entered into a Hall of Fame, put in history and art books for their great achievement that the veterans in the industry never achieved.

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