Some of my Fellow Pastors are Wicked – Rev Mensah Bonsu

Some of my Fellow Pastors are Wicked – Rev Mensah Bonsu
Some of my Fellow Pastors are Wicked – Rev Mensah Bonsu

Rev. Mensah Bonsu has disclosed that some of his fellow Ghanaian pastors are very wicked.

According to the Ghanaian gospel music veteran, his personal experiences dealing with some of his colleague pastors reveal sheer wickedness. This, he believes is because they have not been called by God and lack the passion for God’s work. Most of them enter into ministry because of money.

“Some of my fellow pastors are very wicked. Most of them have not been called by God because they don’t have sympathy. Most of them enter into ministry for money. It is not God who called them. The Bible narrates how Jesus Christ moved from village to village to preach because He has the passion. I believe that most of the pastors are not called. If truly there is a calling on their life, they won’t treat their fellow colleagues in that manner,” he said.

Narrating one of his experiences in his Thirty (30) years journey as a gospel musician on Kasapa Fm’s Entertainment Show with Kojo Preko Dankwa, the Reverend minister revealed he sometimes get marveled at the treatment he had received from some of his fellow pastors; the show of wickedness he can’t understand.

“I was once invited by a Pastor at Atonso in Kumasi on a rainy day and whenever I get flashbacks of this very experience, I develop goosebumps all over my body. During the church service, all I had on me that time was 2 cedis which I used for offering bearing in mind that come what may, I will be given some honorarium. After the service, the pastor arranged for a taxi for me and all he said was, ‘God take you home safely’. When the taxi moved a distance, I told the driver to alight me because I had forgotten my Bible at the crusade. The pastor made me told a lie. I hanged my heavy accordion around my neck and walked from Atonso to Asuabour in the heavy rains. I got home around 1 am after midnight,” Rev. Bonsu narrated.

The above and many other experiences he said are the reasons why some gospel musicians charge high ministrations fees when invited to churches and you can’t fault them.

“It is no fault of some gospel musicians when they charge the churches high. It is because some of the pastors are wicked. And because it is God’s work, you can’t talk,” he added.

The ‘Yehowa Ne M’abankese’ hitmaker who recently released his tenth (10th) album titled ‘Wasem Nti’ disclosed he has passed through a lot of life challenges; very bad and good times but has learned to give thanks to God in all things because such experiences taught him great life lessons.

He is, therefore, calling on all who are going through difficult lifetime challenges and are considering ending it all to hold on and keep trusting God; He will surely come through for them.

“Life comes with many challenges. Sometimes it gets so hard that people contemplate suicide. But we understood by scripture that the thoughts of God towards us are to bring us to a successful end when we rely on Him. I encourage everyone who is going through difficult times and contemplating suicide to hold on and rely on God, for the Lord will make all things beautiful at the set time,” he advised.

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