Composing Profane Songs like Ebony won’t Help You – Mr Logic to Emerging Female Act

Artiste Manager and Entertainment critic, MrLogic has stated Willi Roi denied Stonebwoy collaboration from popular American Songwriters and Musicians claiming that Stonebwoy is stubborn.

Grammy Award winner, R. Kelly, and Teddy Riley were reported to have expressed interest in collaborating on an album with Stonebwoy.

The A&R of Zylofon Media, Willi Roi, who has openly proffered hate for Zylofon Media signee Stonebwoy is alleged to have withheld news of the proposal from reaching Stonebwoy.

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz Fm’s with Kleff Maxwell Justice (KMJ), Mr. Logic stated that Willi Roi retained the assent from Stonebwoy.

R. Kelly and Teddy Riley wanted to do a collaboration with Stonebwoy and Willi Roi  withheld the information from him claiming Stonebwoy is stubborn and he has no choice” he alleged

Uncle Willi Roi in a phone call admitted the accusations.

“I didn’t tell Stonebwoy initially because the deal is not dead. They (R. Kelly and Teddy Riley) were looking for a Zylofon collaboration and they chose Stonebwoy. That is their choice for their collaboration and there’s nothing I can do about it,” Willi Roi explained

He further added that, as the repertoire for the Zylofon Record Label, he only brings notices to the board and artists only when negotiations are complete. They are however waiting for schedules to start work and production

On the contrary, Willi Roi also revealed that the producers will be in Ghana next month to kick-start productions

In another interview gathered by, Willi Roi revealed the reason for his dislike towards Stonebwoy as compared to Shatta Wale.

“I like Shatta Wale because he shows me respect and hugs me whenever he sees me but Stonebwoy doesn’t do that,” he said


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