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VIDEO: Ps. Bennywood Out With Ɔfrɛ (Calling)



VIDEO: Ps. Bennywood Out With Ɔfrɛ (Calling)

Ps. Bennywood has released a message to the church in his latest single Ɔfrɛ.

The song which was released yesterday, Tuesday, September 01, 2020, is his second produced song after Lord of War.

VIDEO Ps. Bennywood Out With Ɔfrɛ (Calling)

The song is God’s clarion call to the church – a song tailored for the saints.

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Ɔfrɛ is for the pilgrims who have washed their robes white in Jesus’ blood to submit to God their wisdom and intellect, treasures, inheritance and possessions, fame, fortunes, wealth, strength and all they hold dear.

Click to watch the video of Ɔfrɛ (Calling) below:


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