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The Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Dr Ziblim Iddi has revealed in an interview with MzGee on Joy News that, the Nana Akufo-Addo administration will pursue the construction of theatres.

According to Dr Ziblim Iddi, the NPP manifesto is explicit on their promise of pursuing the construction of new theatres, contrary to their campaign promises of building new theatres prior to the 2016 General Elections.

“We said we will pursue the construction, we didn’t say we are going to build new theatres in all 10 regions so interpretation can mean where you find one on-going you pursue it, where there is none, you initiate and construct,” he explained.

When further queried, whether they (NPP) was unaware initially when they were making promises that, there is an edifice in Koforidua that had not been completed. Dr Ziblim responded,

“…even if someone thought we were going to do new theatres, the logic behind a government, behind a city like Koforidua and there is this huge theatre being started by the previous government and you want to abandon that and do a new thing, it doesn’t make sense. It is not judicious use of the country’s scarce resources.”

The Deputy Minister came under criticism, when published a story on the current state of the Cultural Center in Koforidua. This followed his interview on Peace Fm where stated categorically that work had begun on the auditorium ahead of the National Festival of Arts and Culture – NAFAC in November

The erstwhile President John Kuffour administration, started the initial renovation works on the Cultural Center in Koforidua which was first built in 1964 by Kwame Nkrumah. The edifice was left uncompleted ever since the Kuffour administration left office in 2009

In a sharp rebuttal, Dr Ziblim Iddi said, “when we say, we will pursue the construction of 10 theatres across the region, what people should be asking is, how many have you done, how many are there and do you think you can accomplish that in your 4 years or 8 years.”

“To be realistic, we are not at a point where I can say that in this four years, the first term of this President we will be able to do that and I am just being realistic about it but in the end this President will likely be given an 8-year mandate by the people of Ghana,” he concluded.

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