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What Is God’s Grace?



What Is God's Grace?

God’s Grace in Attribute

Because God is gracious, we experience God’s grace. When God appears to Moses in Exodus 34:6, we read, “The Lord, the Lord, the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness.”

Gracious is used as an adjective to describe God in this context. It is one of his characteristics.

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In its verb form, the Hebrew word channun means to be considerate, to show favour. God’s graciousness would imply that he has a favourable attitude toward us. That John wishes to be kind to us. To act in our best interest.

God is merciful. Graciousness is not something he puts on and takes off based on the circumstances. He is always kind. He does not choose to be gracious to us. Rather, it is simply who he is. He demonstrates grace in everything he does because he is gracious.

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God’s Grace in Action

Grace is derived from the Hebrew word CHANAN or the Greek word CHARIS, both of which mean “the state of kindness and favour toward someone, frequently with a focus on a benefit given to the object” (Strong’s Greek 5485).

God does grace because he is gracious. God’s grace is present in every action he takes toward us. His creation, providence, the conviction of sinners, gift of salvation, equipping of the saints, and the future he has planned for us. All of this is a result of God’s grace.

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God’s Grace in Salvation

While God’s grace encompasses far more than our salvation, it is perhaps the most visible manifestation of his grace. We are saved by grace, as Paul says in Ephesians 2:5 and 8.

Our salvation is due to nothing we have done or are capable of doing. It is entirely dependent on God’s grace. He freely offered his salvation to us as an act of grace.

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Grace is the means of salvation. However, God’s grace does not stop there. God’s grace has an impact on believers in three ways.

  1. You Are Justified in Standing in Grace: Paul tells us in Romans 5:1-2 that we are justified by faith. And it is through that same faith that we have gained access to the “grace in which we now stand.” Our standing before God is a result of his grace.

We are able to enter his presence because of his grace. And it is because of his grace that we continue to stand in his presence.

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What a blessing it is to know and experience God’s favour toward us every day of our lives. And so on for all eternity.


  1. Endowed with Spiritual Gifts: In 1 Peter 4:10, Peter instructs his readers to be faithful stewards of God’s grace in all of its manifestations, using our gifts to serve one another. God’s grace is manifested in our lives through the equipping of believers to serve in the body of Christ; these are our spiritual gifts.

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Our gifts differ from person to person and may change over time. However, as Peter and Paul both affirm, God equips us for the good of the body. Our spiritual gifts are a reflection of God’s grace to the body of Christ as a whole. God is working within us to help the body grow and function optimally.

  1. Increasing Relying on God’s Grace: Paul instructs Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:1, to “be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.” This reminds me of Star Wars, where some people are “strong in the force.” But grace is not the same as Star War’s force, which is a pervasive universal power. Grace, on the other hand, is found in Christ for the believer.

Grace does not come to a select few. However, it is available to all who believe in Christ. God’s grace surrounds me when I am in Christ. But just because it’s all around me doesn’t mean I’m experiencing or enjoying it as much as I should.

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Keep your faith in God’s grace. Being strong necessitates exercise. You must put in the effort. Recognise that God is on your side. That he cares about what is best for you. Have faith in him. Believe that he has your best interests in mind in the long run.

Let go of your sense of self, of doing things your way, and of relying on your own resources. You will grow stronger in God’s grace as you rely on Him instead.

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Grace is Everything

There is no aspect of God’s dealings with his creation that is not influenced by his grace. A gracious God cannot fail to show grace in everything he does. It is only by his grace that I exist. It is because of his grace that the sun shines and rainfalls. My salvation, my relationship with God, and my eternal future with him. It is all due to His grace.

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Even God’s justice and the eternal punishment of unbelievers are manifestations of his grace. Every opportunity for repentance is provided by God. But, in his grace, he never imposes himself on anyone.

God be praised for his all-encompassing grace. His grace reached out to someone like me. And it is his grace that keeps me safe and secure in him now and forever. It’s all about God’s awe-inspiring grace.

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