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Why I Gave My Life to Christ – D’banj



Why I Gave My Life to Christ - D’banj

Nigerian singer, D’banj may also quit secular music for the gospel weeks after Chidinma has announced her conversion from secular music to the gospel.

D’banj in a viral video declared that serving God with everything he has is the ultimate goal for him which came as a surprise to many.

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D’banj in company with his wife at a church function in Abuja declared that he has given his life to Christ but didn’t confirm if he would quit singing secular songs.

It will be recalled that the singer and his wife who are enjoying their time together with their son had lost a son three years back when he drowned in a pool inside the singer’s house.

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In the video, the singer said he has come to give thanks to God for blessing him with all he has ever prayed for, adding that there was no reason to hold back anything but to let go.

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